Monday, February 17, 2014

At the Olympics: Terrific Little Dance Team Slighted by Judges: NBC Hacks Short Dance Coverage into Pieces; Has the Ice World No Shame in Allowing Such Treatment?

Okay, here is my first take on ice dance.

Last night, I watched three teams -- and then, NBC (Nothing But Commercials) switched to the ski slopes.  With this network's insultingly manipulative coverage, obviously designed to keep suckers watching, I gave up in disgust and went to bed.

Using my own scoring system, 1-100, here were my scores for those teams:

Mia and Alex:  92  (Judges: 64.47)  Some lovely and lively team work. 

Chuck & Bates: 64  (Judges: 65.46)  Sloppy flash hacks - they looked like they had teamed up a week ago.  I could not believe the score.  What galled me the most: No way could they compare to the superior Mia and Alex.

Lanotte and Cappelini:  94  (Judges:  67.58)  Wonderfully engaging. Sprightly carriage.  The commentator, Tracy, though a little too gabby -- how stupid do these commentators believe viewers to be? -- did give this team the credit it was due.

I might see if I can watch favorites on-line, and report back


I have reached the land of NBC on my PC; maybe there I will find Davis ans White, and maybere there I can watch them in their short program, but I am drowning in a sea of ads and commercials, pop ups and blow outs, detours to anywhere where but I want to go.  I am lost in an inhuman intersection of American greed flashing at me like a thousand laser pitches from every possible direction on auto pilot.

I have one question for the world of figure skating: Why do you allow a network to present your short dance exhibitions in sections, spread out between other events?  Have you no shame?

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