Friday, February 14, 2014

New Board Game on eBay -- CAN'T STOP SHOPPING -- Sells in 43 Minutes After 3-day Auction Begins

A new one for Boyi and me.

We've been offering copies of our prototype board game  on eBay.  So far,  all of the copies we have sold were at the starting auction price, the auction taking its full 3-day course..

But this time, ZAP!  A buyer snapped up the game in only 43 minutes after it was listed last evening by purchasing at the higher Buy Now price.

Kudos to us!

We now have copies placed in New York city, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Indiana, North Carolina, and -- with this latest sale -- Nebraska!

Might your state be next?

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jacob.archuleta said...

Hey David!
I believe that is my hand in the picture above. We met eachother on the amtrak, I believe between Denver and DC. Thank you for allowing me to play Can't Stop Shopping with you. May your future be bright.