Sunday, February 16, 2014

At the Olympics, Sochi Coverage SUCKS; NBC Commercials, Fallon & Meyer Plugs Consume More Time than the Games

UPDATE, 2/17/14: Last night, I tried watching the short dance.  After three couples skated, NBC shoved a ski event in my face, in effect, thinking they could string me along for another hour or so through their commercials, waiting to see another few dance teams skate.   No, I tuned out in disgust.  This is the same network run by morons that removed Jay Leno when the guy was still king of late night.

The thing I hate most about NBC's coverage is how little action they show compared to the endless parade of commercials.  On a few trying occasions this week when I tried to endure Slime Time coverage on NBC,  I could have sworn (let me do it here and now, belatedly) having seen far more ads than action.

Well, I was dead bored-out-of-my-mind right.  I read this morning in the Wall Street Journal that, indeed, Olympic action comprises only 24% of the telecasts, Commercials, a whopping 33%

No wonder I am part-part-time viewer.  I hate the whole marketing-saturated mess.

And, oh yes, let's see, I failed to mention, along with the nauseating ads, Lester Holtz dancing with some young girls.  Was that supposed to be Dicso Eliminations?  I switched channels to Pot Farming in Afghanistan.

And how late should I have stayed up to see the men's figure skating short program? Three AM in the morning? 

Tonight, I am going to try to watch what is now termed "short dance."

Remember the compulsories?  Evidently, they went the way of school figures. Both, not entertaining enough to keep draw the crowds

So I am ELATED to read that viewership is down by about 8%.  In some periods, much more than that.

If they want to get me back, they'll have to feature only my favorite Best of Commercials.  You probably know the ones, starting with attack food, etc.

P.S.: Jimmy Fallon looks like a loser already.  Jay, keep NBC on your speed dial.

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