Sunday, February 23, 2014

Baraboo Planning Package Tour to Link City's Old World Delights ... Can I Reserve Now?

 Wise.Wacky, and Hip: They're Baraboo Boosters

If plans now peculating among Baraboo's power players mature into banners, buffoonery, and open historic house tours, you'll be able to buy one ticket and take in four or five entertainments, from Circus World Museum to the old Al Ringling Mansion, with happy stops along the way at the International Clown Hall of Fame and the gloriously gilded  Al Ringling Opera House.  Savor the sawdust!  Sample a great old stage!

This terrific little town has a heap of historical gems to show off, not the least being the spot -- wherever that is -- where in 1884 under their first big top, the five Ringling brothers began a journey that would turn them into arguably the most famous circus kings of all time.  Sorry,  Old Europe, I could not rightfully resist.

And how about, while you're signing contacts for including participants, including a sit down at the cushy diner, the Little Cafe, just a few steps down from the Al Ringling?  Call it the Cookhouse Stop, complete with whatever passed for a meal back in 1884.   (I'm sending these ideas free of charge).

It's about  time that Baraboo got its acts together under one embracing umbrella.  Circus World Museum's new top man, Scott O'Donnell, seems to be the mover shaker, perhaps in tandem with Clown Hall of Fame's Greg DeSanto.  Let a new generation lead the way.

I love walking the town's simple streets. So wonderfully out of the past.  So finely yesterday. Fresh blood mining riches in a new format -- a merry meeting of the minds.  And perhaps they'll find a way to put on a scaled down circus parade every morning during the summer.

Reports Circus Report, by-lining Paul Holley quoting spot-on Scott-on:   "There is sunshine out on the horizon."

Heck, a brand new circus history show is coming to town!

Backstage at the Al Ringling theatre

Circus World's Rich Heritage


Harry Kingston said...

Your opening picture of the pickers on the history channel at the clown museum.
As a long time circus collector trying to preserve circus history.
That really burned me as they got first crack at buying and making money off of extras from the museum.
As a long time circus fan we were never asked if any of us wanted to buy anything from the museum.
The pickers are in it to buy cheap and double plus there money on it.
I can assure you that I will not donate anything or give any money to that museum.
Fair is fair as we love our circus hobby and I have given items to starting collectors to help them out.
Harry in Texas

Showbiz David said...

I am sorry about your experience, Harry.
I myself would be skittish about giving anything to Circus World Museum.
At least, they have indicated a willingness to give the great old Foley and Burk fun house wagon to Gibsonton. That's a move in the right direction.