Tuesday, September 20, 2022

A Football Fairytale Worthy of Shakespeare

I can't believe I am posting this, I almost feel like a traitor to my own blog. But I can't resist.

On Sunday, not having watched any football games, I never do -- I tuned into the news and at sports, they showed coverage of the new SF 49ers QB, Trey Lance, going down, and it was serious.  A season ending ankle injury.  Were the gods kidding? The new promised kid on the field and down so soon.  And I should state here that I feel genuinely sorry for the guy, even though I had been rooting for another player to eventually retake his old QB position with the 49ers.

And then, moments later on the same newscast, same field, there came that player,  that very same player -- Jimmy G., as those of us who love him call him, back in uniform and back with the ball in hand, tossing it and moving as if Superman himself had swooped down to save the day.  Jimmy G delivered a great decisive win for his old team!   Like a stand-in actor during a drama more epic than life, having waited in the wings, just in case. An actor of cool aplomb having been perfectly prepared for such an unexpected moment, to fill in if need be.

At the end, through his head gear, you could see pure joy on Jimmy's face, and the joy of his teammates patting and hugging him -- affection through a tangle of protective metal.

Talk about a wildly impossible tragedy-to-triumph drama unfolding before our very eyes.  Something you would only see in a movie  But no, you saw it here on an unscripted football field.  Maybe that is one of the reasons why this game is so so popular. 

Okay, back to the circus.

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