Sunday, February 04, 2024

Techno INSANE: When Even the Operator is No Longer Available ... We Embrace Extreme Technology at Our Own Risk

This morning, I called The Santa Rosa Press Democrat, hoping to obtain information about photo reprints for my new book, Keep That Day Job! How to Enjoy Chasing Showbiz Without Going Mad.

I dialed several numbers, one finally gave me the option of pressing O for operator. But even that person was not available -- I'd have to leave a message!!!

It's a nightmare world we seem to be slowly slipping into.  People preferring virtual reality to in--person  contact.  Suicide rates among the young rising.  A nation increasingly submerged in more drugs, massive streams of them crossing the southern boarders and causing death to thousands. Social media streams urban mayhem, major media laps it all up.

Whenever I call Comcast, I end up screaming into my phone TALK TO AN OPERATOR!... TALK TO AN OPERATOR! ... TALK TO AN OPERATOR!

Finally, so far, their AI voices relent, and put me through.

To a call I made a while back to Wells Fargo ,needing to renew a CD,  a voice answered.  "I will be your virtual assistant"   What was going on there?  Maybe with Comcast,  but Wells Fargo?  I had to ask,"Are you a robot?"

He chuckled and assured me he was not, gave his name, and fleshed himself out, and we talked, and the conversation seemed real. Seemed.

One day, it may not be.

Sick.  Sick. Sick.

SANITY IN CHINA? The last word to Chinese Premier Xi Jinping, who recently issued an order to one of the regions, to wit: If you have jobs by robots that can be done by humans, hire humans.


Friday, February 02, 2024

MIDWAY FLASH! ... MIDWAY FLASH! ... Elephant Gold at Monte Carlo! Stunning New Revelation Recasts Pacyderms in Slower, More Thougful Mode ...

And yet still, they mesmerize.

Elvis Errani's elephants, if I translated right, won a Gold Clown, and I viewed the act.  More later.