Friday, January 01, 2016

Hey, LA -- Bring on Stephanie and Bob at the Great Parade!

Here they are, today -- their last parade, they say, and I say, no no no!

I love Stephanie and Bob.  Love having them narrate the Pasadena Rose Parade for me.

Together for 35 years in the KTLA booth, they are a dream team.  Stephanie radiates a fresh sparkle.  She is the epitome of what is best about small town LA -- a vast landscape under the sun of endless little towns.  Bob, who favors the horses, exudes an earthy charm. The real guy from down the block. 

None of the other voices out there trying to compete can compare. Indeed, so much a part of the  fabric of Los Angeles are Stephanie and Bob, in my view, that I gave them due coverage in my new book Hopelessly Hollywood.

 I watch the parade streaming live on my PC, from KTLA.

And KTLA, a class act, keeps its cameras on the parade, virtually no commercials.  

About seven years ago, KTLA axed Stephanie from the booth, giving Bob a new partner who rather stumbled over a certain lack of knowledge about the history of the revered parade.

Public outrage was so great, Stephanie was brought back, and I thought, well, forever.

But forever does not last ... forever.

Although, I don't see the sun setting in their eyes, just yet.  To my eyes, they are still much too youngish and in shape to leave us. 

So, might they one day return?

Not likely. But we are talking LA, where rainbows make encores.

I'm dreaming SEQUEL

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Wineing said...

We all know they leave due to. Stupid TV executives concerned about "age" Bring them back or I tune out channel 5 for good.
Note to other networks- what a jewel this could be in your collection.