Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Monte Carlo 40th Anniversary Encores Recent Stars: Puts Gold on Gold ... Want to be Wowed by TRUE CIRCUS? Check out this Video Tease

Here's a short film packed with Gold-Medal Action.  Recent winners being featured this year.

Does Amtrak go there?  Greyhound?  I envy anybody out in the seats at this mid-January Festival, designed to put the frosting on top of the frosting. 

Not sure if they are completely bypassing a  competition.  Heck, and I had spent all year perfecting my hula hoops.

Here some pics off the Monte Carlo website of past winners. I think they will all be there.



Don said...

Hi David,

No competition this year at Monte Carlo. Instead the Festival will celebrate 40 years of superlative circus artists. It will be a true all star celebration of circus bringing together the best of the best.

Don Covington

Showbiz David said...

Circus heaven