Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Tree Glows in Oakland

Every year, seems that Christmas is less obvious, less illuminated, less sung about.

I've heard that forces out there are trying to destroy it. For what?

I love the culture of it -- the music, the lights, the good cheer, Christmas tree memories ...  And yes, the heart-warming reach of faith. 

Around here on my daily walks up and down the streets of Oakland and Piedmont, some blocks at most have but one tree in a lone window.

Some are as drab as this:

So, in compensation, I offer you these wonderful images from another time, another shared season -- another country?

To those wishing to remove it from the calendar, Humbug!

And to the rest of you, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Douglas McPherson said...

Your findings in Old Oakland mirror my own driving through Norwich in not-so-Merry England. Very few dwellings illuminated this year. At least I have a real fir lit up in my garden... and visiting deer that with a bit of imagination could almost pass for reindeer. Compliments of the season and wishing you the best for 2016.

Showbiz David said...

Hi Douglas,
This post has drawn, if blogger stats are to be believed, a huge stream of visitors.
Maybe I should turn more to posting with moral undertones.
Thanks for sharing. Congrats on your tree! Sounds like you came close to a Santa sighting. It is so bleak out there, added to which much colder than is usual for Old Oakland. I just do not feel that I got my proper Christmas fix this year. I am going to watch, a second time this season, in DVD, one of my favorite films, Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn. Far superior, most would agree, to the so-called "remake" called White Christmas. It's a joy in black and white, one rollicking tune after another.
Wishing you, too, all the best for 2016.