Wednesday, August 19, 2015

World Wide Circus Summit -- The Point? The Outcome? Forget About That. Just Be Glad It Happened

To read about it from the warm pen of Circus Report's Chuck Burnes, it sounds gloriously social, that great big summit up in old New England, where 800 people variously connected to "circus" gathered for shows and exhibits, symposiums and networking (aka: jackpotting)

Chuck exudes a good feeling.  And I am no longer wondering what was the purpose of it all, or what, if anything, was achieved.

This is how it feels to me: They were all together in one merry mass —  circus owners and artists to fans, and that surely made them feel a bit more emboldened in their shared passions.

They exist in near-anonymity, compared to people who labor in more booming venues from TV to the movies and pop music

Tim Tegge and Paul Gutheil

Would love to have heard what was said when Circus directors met.  Quite a forum of big top lords and ladies.  From the U.S. came virtually all the major players, all except for curiously absent Kenneth Feld.  No surprise.  Methinks he thinks himself high above the pack, which of course, in terms of dollars, he is. But he could have contributed to the discussion, whatever they discussed. Anybody know?

Lovable Johnny Pugh talked about his days under tents, so he did.  Also in evidence was the Byrd of Byrds, and even, from my own state, Katya and Nelson Quiroga of Circus Vargas.

A great way for people who are “with and for it” to feel joined in a stronger circle of faith and resolve.

The tents still rise, and the shows still go on – thanks to them.

Good for you, World Wide Circus Summit!

 Paul Binder, Wayne McCary, Don Covington, and James Royal

 Brooke Evans, Bob Johnson, and David P. Orr

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