Monday, August 03, 2015

MIDWAY FLASH! Big Top Collapse Under New Hamphire Storm Kills Two, Injures 15

Update,8/4/15: ABC News reports Walker Bros. did not have a permit to play the lot, nor was the tent inspected prior to performance time.  Also, some are questioning why management would have even allowed patrons into the big top, given the severe storm warnings.

  Emergency vehicles converge onto the scene

Just flashing across national news wires, the Walker Bros. Circus tent at the Fairgrounds in Lancaster, NH was felled by a storm, killing two people, including a 6-year old child, and injuring fifteen others, so far.
A crowd estimated at 100 people were under the tent when it broke stakes and came down. Some managed to make early escapes just before the big top fell.

In a related story, the Walker Bros. collapse occurred only a day after another circus tent at the Chicago Prairie Festival went down over a crowd who had sought shelter in side it during a storm.  One man was killed, more than a dozen injured.

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Harry Kingston said...

Walker Bros better get there checkbook ready with 2 deaths and many hurt.
Wonder how many lawsuits there will be and from the people hurt.
A guy on the news yesterday had over 200 staples in his head.
As Johnny Pugh said from Cole Bros if you get some one hurt you better leave the country.
Carson and Barnes in April had 70 mile an hour winds in Angleton, Tx and a Texas frog strangler rain by the ton and hail and only 2 stakes pulled and the tent was all ok and no one hurt.
I bet Walker used metal tent stakes instead of wood stakes and a wet ground I bet the steel stakes pulled.
Harry in Texas