Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You: American Violence

Thank God for Netflix and TV, DVDs and streaming live, not that the sort of a movie to which I am now attracted would attract to a movie house enough young people to also a attract a young maniac armed with guns sufficient to defend himself in a call to duty abroad.

It is bloody and horrifying.  And it is, sad to say, the American way.

My only wonderment is, when if ever will it be terrible enough to effect real changes in our obscenely uncivilized  gun laws.  Ooops,  that's right.  They tell us that this is the price we must pay for "freedom."

Perhaps we need to redefine "freedom" for the modern age.

I won't linger.  This is supposed to be an entrainment blog.  And know what?   In too many depressing ways, this is all about American entertainment.

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