Thursday, January 31, 2013

Liz Arratoon reviews Monte Carlo Circus - Program One, in London's The Stage Magazine

Gold Clowns at Monte Carlo -- exactly to whom, may I ask?

Do the French hate us so much, that on the website under "English" the names are still spelled NOT in English?

I'm not really sure who got the gold.  It appears, only two Gold Clowns, one to a Beijing troupe, the other to the "Ukrainian" gymnast duo Serhiy Popov and Mykola Shcherbak, identified in some quarters as Russian.

If you want to read about the festival's rich offerings, I highly recommend the work of possibly the best circus critic on the planet, Liz Arratoon, who describes program one, act by act, in London's The Stage.

Say what you will, American circus community, the Monte Carlo bash probably does more than any other single entity on earth to elevate and keep alive the world's perception of circus arts.

How I would love to go there every year, but not in flight.  Is there a Greyhound through bus?

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