Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Damn Interesting: The Latest from Alexis Gruss Circus in Paris Blends Sawdust and Cinema

Thanks to a video routed my way by Don Convington, I was so taken by the footage, I dug deeper into Circus Gruss.   A kind of self-tutorial brush up.  The various images I came upon, and certainly the video, are quite captivating. They reveal great imagination in the staging.  And they do not hold back on the more traditional big top elements that cause such controversy in some quarters.  Yes, even an elephant!

So there, world of withering regard for arguably the essence of the complete circus.

What follows, as quoted, I found off a pitch from the show.  Might be worth your readery before e-running off to all those frenetic daily rituals.

The Premise:

"A new show called Ellipse has come to the Cirque National Alexis Gruss, a Parisian circus venue located in the normally quiet 16 arrondissement. With Ellipse, a unique spectacle blending circus and cinema, there is something for everyone to enjoy, no matter how old they are. And guests staying at the Hôtel Louvre Marsollier have the chance to attend this one-of-a-kind performance during their stay in Paris.

"Until March 17, 2013, audience members can share some of the best moments in cinematic history with the impressive performers of this innovative circus. This is the 39th creation the of Alexis Gruss circus, and it promises to be a spectacular one."

Cinematic Context:

"On the stage, there is a large panoramic screen in addition to the performance area. In this way, projected images are as much a part of the show as the performing artists are. What’s more, orchestral music reminiscent of film scores accompanies the entire performance, encapsulating the audience in a complete audiovisual experience."

The Circus Guts:

"In terms of stunts, there are plenty of surprises as well. Audience members can discover for the first time jugglers on horseback and other feats. Of course, it cannot be a circus without an elephant, and Ellipse does not disappoint on this front either. Other mainstays of the circus — like acrobatic stunts, bicycle feats and other tricks on horseback — can of course be expected as well."

So, hey!  Even the fussy philosophic French still have a place in the ring for animals.  In these tricky times, this amounts to a promising premise all on its own. 

Watch a Great Video Sampler of Ellipse:


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