Monday, January 07, 2013

A Cirque du Bomb on Film? Majority of First Reviews Pan "Worlds Away 3D"


The movie came in at number 14, down near the bottom, at $1,265,000, a drop of -47.3% from the previous week's take. Indeed, it seems worlds away...

If only the movie were as good as the poster. Well, maybe it is.  A few critics like it.  But the   overwhelming negatives, from major to minor reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes, are so not good.

Maybe they  should have stuck to 2d.  When will the experts ever realize that 3d will likely NEVER take hold?  I was a kid when it first came out.  Terrific things flying off the screen at me!   The novelty lasted for a year or two.

Surfing through Rotten Tomatoes tonight to record highly scored recent films for inclusion on my advance Netflix Que, just for the fun I wondered how the new film Cirque du Soliel Worlds Away is faring with movie critics.  In a word, NOT.  [the color green on Rotten Tomatoes signifies a negative review]

The GREEN ratings:  53%

Top Critics, GREEN:  50%

For example, this from Slate:   "The movie is something of a compositional nightmare, worlds away, one might say, from the artistry so associated with Cirque."

Audience review from Luciano Malacria:  "I find there is no point in making a movie about a circus when you can just go to a circus."

Notice the HORSES in the poster?  How daring of CDS!

Mark my words, kiddies.  You will live to see Cirque du Soleil performing animals!

Sir Harry of Kingston, will you join me on that historic occasion, ringside?  I will bring some personally delivered John Ringling North II Peterson Peanuts for us to crack.

Believe in the essence of true circus.  Cirque may yet backslide irretrievably into artistic completeness.

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