Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Second Memo to Circus Historical Society: Please Act Professional and Tell Us Why "Bandwagon" is Missing in Action

I am not the only one puzzled by the Circus Historical Society's totally unprofessional negligence in failing to communicate with its subscribers over its failure to bring out a single issue of the bi-monthly Bandwagon magazine in over half a year.

To be accurate, I did receive an answer from my first e-mail to Judy Griffith, vaguely stating it was due to a new editor and printer. I have since sought additional information, both in e-mails to the Bandwagon editor, and in the post below (scroll down a few) to which, nobody has replied.

Here are the words of one of my visitors (slighted edited so as to protect visitor's identity), sent to me in an e-mail, which at least reassures me that I am not alone in having my e-mails go unanswered;

"I liked what you said about the CHS Bandwagon as I totally agree with you, and I see you have yet to receive a response to your comment.
I paid Bob Cline $60 for my dues. In return, nothing. I am very disappointed after 7 months, with not a word from anyone at CHS.
[the late] Fred Pfening Jr. would turn over in his grave if he could see what is going on. He would have never allowed this to happen.
I think Fred Dahlinger will do a good job, but where the heck is the magazine?"


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