Monday, July 16, 2012

Memo to the Circus Historical Society: What is Happening with Bandwagon, the Magazine?

As a subscriber, with a few more issues due on my current subscription, can anybody come clean on what is going on behind the scenes?

The last issue I received was your November-December number.

So, it has been over six months, and I am still waiting for the January-February 2012 issue.

I've been told, in reply to an earlier e-mail, that the delays are due to a new printer and new editor. I read in your last issue that Fred Dahligner, Jr. had accepted the post of editor, so I assume the problem should not be finding a new editor.

Six months?

Please, if you will, consider sending a notice of some sort to subscribers, apprising us on the situation, or perhaps posting a note on your website.

I do not believe that I am making an unreasonable request.

Your addressing the matter would be much appreciated.

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