Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Dieter Tasso -- Remember Him? He's Still Juggling, and He's Funnier Than Ever

Dieter Tasso today

Here's one for the ages.

Once a juggling star on Ringling under canvas, German-born Dieter Tasso, at 78, lives viably on as a comedian-juggler, and his humor -- at least snatches of it captured by Lane Talburt on his YouTube, is genuinely funny, as in pro funny.

For 30 years, he's been performing at the Tommy Bartlett Show at the Wisconsin Dells. THEY out there will hate me for saying this, but from what comes through on this eight minute video, if I had to chose between this wryly engaging one-man show and the fuller show nearby at Circus World, I'd put my funny money on Dieter. And here's why: He's got it all. Skill, comedy and aging humanity.

A senior sizzler for children of all ages? The so called "new circus" movement out there should take a look. The Felds should take a look. Heck, John Ringling North II should take a long hard look. A small solo cameo for a senior sensation? Funny, dexterous, humanly touching. I was skeptical going in. Not for very long. Sample wise crack: "If you like something, just tell me and I'll do it again. I react to anything. I got married three times."

Narrative? In the jokes, in the interplay with audience, in the life itself.

This is possibly Talburt's finest moment as a film interviewer.

Go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2_h-ZRus8A&feature=g-upl.

Tasso performing his original act


Lane Taburt said...

So THAT's how Dieter appeared at a much earlier age. He didn't have his photo album with him at Wisconsin Dells and won't return home to Sarasota until September. I thought Dieter's words and actions were too good to waste. Thanks for the compliment, David, but when you're working with a high-octane talent like Dieter Tasso, the video editing is a snap. Best to you, Lane

Arlee Bird said...

Amazing! I remember hearing my dad talk about him when I was a kid. Years later I met him when he was running some kind of game travelling with carnivals. He was very nice when we visited.

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