Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Showbiz David in Global Flight. Destination: China

Two friends, planning Chinese journey,
Share dreams of New Year's Day
For one, first visit home ...
For other, new adventure far away

I'm now in the air, en route with my friend Boyi for Hong Kong. From there, Shanghai, Beijing, then down to the farming village where Boyi was raised near the city of Taishan in the southern Guangdong province. To visit his still-standing house, to walk through bamboo trees and maybe bake a sweet potato in a dirt oven. And maybe watch Boyi ride a cow, if he can muster up his boyhood know how.

Circuses, we will see several. And thanks to the generous courtesy of Chinese State Circus artistic advisor Tian Run Min, I may be talking to some directors of the famed acrobatic troupes.

Forbidden City. The Great Wall. Boyi's farm. Train rides here and there.

As time and technology permit, I may be sending some postaches (my word: "post" combined with "dispatch") from China Land ...

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Anonymous said...

..How exciting Dave..Margaret..