Thursday, April 15, 2010

Late Night Boob Tube Abyss ... I just can't get hooked on anybody ...

I tried Jimmy Kimmel. Rather interestingly, pleasantly low key character, with a little humor, but to my jaded funny bone, not much. Last night he had an ordinary repair man go out and do some work for a so-called celebrity. Very long bit, not very amusing. I blew the bit and the show.

Jay and David: Both shows have things that irritate me. I go back and forth, and have nearly given up. I am about again to default to Jay, though his Jay Walking, among other specials, is such a bore. I can't believe, I actually am missing his 10 p.m. show; he had some hot opening monologues.

I watched Johnny Carson's 20th anniversary show, having recently acquired a new "reconditioned" Phillips VCR-DVD player to watch my old VHS tapes on, which my friend Boyi, resisting my initial inclination to pay $299.00 for a new Sony, found on Best Buy for only $44.00! Excellent player, and what a joy the Carson show was. I kept watching. Johnny was SO funny; of course, he was hand selecting I assume his funnier bits. But what a class act. Desk bits, a riot. Skits with scenery had me laughing out loud. Remember when he played a hyper president who made hay with humor? And he interviewed a woman of 103 years, also amusing.

So now Connan O'Brien is coming back to some obscure cable channel. If I had it, I'd give this nerd another chance. I do think he will steal more from Jay's audience than from Dave's, so Dave could end up the victor, for what that's worth.

Meanwhile, I can't believe this; for junk TV, I've rejoined the Judge Judy courtroom. Maybe as simple as this: She makes me laugh. And, I'm looking through my collection for more tapes of Johnny. Mr. Ed, too.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Conan was going to go with FOX, but TBS snagged him instead. I think he is above and beyond the best one.

Showbiz David said...

good luck on the publication of your first, book, Alex!

Anonymous said...

have you seen George Lopez or Craig ferguson ?

Showbiz David said...

Lopez is likely on a cable channel I don't get -- I shun the hundreds of options. Ferguson, I gave a try, and might again.

I was an avid fan of Craig Killborn, of his potential as much as talent. Very funny and some quirky character-driven comedy bits. I saw five or six tapings of the show at CBS, including his last. Most exciting. Inexplicably, the guy walked away, I think to become a movie star, which so far has not happened.