Thursday, April 01, 2010

Morning Midway: Ringling 's at the Garden; David Letterman's Son is Not

David Letterman, at a desk bit last night, raised the subject of Ringling Bros. being at Madison Square Garden. A friend had talked up the circus and encouraged Letterman to take his son, Harry. So Dave approached little Harry, telling him he could get two tickets and the two could go. So, how about it, Harry?

"Absolutely not," replied the talk show's son.


Don't know what that was all about. End of bit with Harry's retort. Maybe it's just a David Letterman thing.

From the reliably circus-affirmative New York Times, comes another boffo review, this one from the sharper pen of Ken Jaworowski, calling the show "the best the troupe has turned out in years." but issuing extreme dissatisfaction with the excessive merchandising and ridiculously high costs.

I could find only one other review, in the New York Post -- vaguely good though rather short and somewhat inconclusive.

I see the Big Show's New York date is only 11 days. Remember when it visited the Garden for five and six weeks, sometimes turning 'em away?

Maybe Harry Letterman is onto something. That's right, sadly I concede, our circuses seem not to be drawing nearly as many customers as once they did. Even if they are getting better. I'm looking forward to this Funundrum.

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