Friday, February 12, 2010

The Morning Midway: Out, Damn Judge Judy!

I have an embarrassing confession to post: I may have fallen into a Judge Judy addiction. Help! Started maybe half a year ago when I, with ample time, decided to indulge in a nightly fix of this hooky TV courtroom show. Cases are real. But it's Judy whom I question. Her hot-button vocabulary is limited to maybe 5 or 10 derisive words: moron, idiot, imbecile, and so on. Her verdicts are in black and white. She claims to know who is telling the truth and who is not. Really, she is like a loud vindictive aunt ordering everyone around. "You are a liar!" "You are stupid! Do we understand each other?" "Sit down!"

And maybe that's why we watch. We long for moral clarity. This feisty character, who spent years hearing cases in family court, draws millions to her chamber of insults and lectures. In a world of shadow morality and existential excuse making for every crime imaginable, this lady's lip sees only good or evil, right or wrong, period. And this makes her simplistic verdicts refreshing, even when we suspect they are only wild guesses, or rigged just to amuse the crowd.

I have watched her rip to shreds young people who don't deserve it, but who stand there and take it, their 15 minutes of reality TV fame the payoff.

For a while I found her entertaining, wondering how often she is onto the truth. Now the cases are growing same old same old: Man "lends" girlfriend money. Girlfriend claims it was as only a gift -- until they broke up.

In this made-for-TV courtroom, our judge's theatrical mannerisms rival in texture and subtlety those of the Three Stooges. She specializes in making faces and insulting people. "Look at me, you loser!" "Sit down and shut up!" "You are an idiot!"

I'm waiting for her, any moment, to partner up with the bailiff guy, and the two of them to break out into a song and dance. Judge Judy: The Musical?

She's due here in about thirty minutes. Out of principle, I think I will tune in NPR -- if Terry Gross is not interviewing a transsexual Seventh Day Adventist brain surgeon -- or Judge Judy.


arlee bird said...

I've watched Judge Judy on occasion, but not often. I definitely watched the time when my ex-wife was taking her boyfriend at the time to the cleaners--er, I mean, to court. I had to feel bad for the boyfriend because Judy was really belittling him. And I knew my ex had really taken advantage of him.
It's crazy. Now there are several of those types of show in English and Spanish. Great if it clears out some of the court cases.

Showbiz David said...

yes, indeed. maybe judge judy is the real moron. skipped her last night. ethel was on in call me madame. what a tv judge SHE would have made.

klsdad said...

X Wow.. David certainly giving me the opportunity to give my view of JUDGE JUDY!! (I only hope I can express myself with a bit of your expertise!!)
I'm watching JUDGE JUDY as I'm typing this message.. ("Uncross your arms").. (

klsdad said...

(Sorry.. I didn't think I hit "send!)
I live in Manhattan -(Judy shouting loudly "PUT YOUR HAND DOWN" as I'm watching as I'm typing!)
I've been a minor "fan" of "JUDy" (I don't feel I should acknowledge her as she sits on the "prop-bench" ("UMMM IS NOT AN ANSWER!~). (If respect her years in Family Courts.)
I realize that she has a brillant? command of reparte' .. and only hope I'll never find out that the program is scripted!!
I like her "Pocono "schick"?- but ABHORE when, between the commercials the program SCREAMS .."REAL CASES... REAL PEOPLE" and they show wonderful New York City sights. (I wrote to the producers after the 9/11 tragedy.. and complained.. and - at least they've stopped using the Towers!!

No. 1. Why use New York City scenes between cases ..(I KNOW she's from this are>>).. when all the cases are from the West Coast>) This is most disingenious.. perhaps patently misleading?? (How am I doing??)

No. 2. Let's de-ar (dis-embar?) her. and have her behind a desk.. without the American flag.. and the California? flag.. mentioning this is purely a person deciding cases between persons who sign to call her "Judge" and that her rulings are final!! (It may say this in the tiny writing at the bottom of my HD screen.. but not long enough for me to read the whole comment!!)


Showbiz David said...

Kisdad, many good points. i never could buy the courtroom crowd as being from NY, they are so L.A. Probably audience xtras. In fact, I could swear someone I saw in there once looked familiar to somebody I'd seen or once known in LA. And, yet, the NY street scenes during title time??! I say, enjoy Judge Judy as you wish. I've almost talked myself into a guilt complex about watching her, but, when in that certain mood, wanting to grant myself some trash time, she fills the bill with her contrived hyperantics.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what is the big problem with someone having crossed arms?

She acts as if they are giving her the finger. Does anyone understand what her problem is?