Friday, February 19, 2010

The Morning Midway: Job Postings, Post Rantings

Twitters and tweets, have I. Let me see what tonight the ice my bring, which may bump this fun thing a day down the road ... The Vancouver bladsters due in fifteen minutes, but I'm NOT sitting up all night through a thousand commercials to see whether it's Japan, Russia, or the U.S. (the latter looks lithely, statuesquely spectacular -- if he delivers, I'd say Him).

No, this is not the Showbiz David Talent Agency, but here I go none the less ...

E-mails I now and then receive. Got one from a cool sounding dude, into magic and other things -- stress "other." Asking me for advice: how to get a circus job. Magic, etc. I was about to post his link, which suddenly vanished, causing me to dig deeper for info on the guy. Kinky. S&M. Bloody. Makes that Cirque sex thing in Vegas look like a Lawrence Welk Christmas show. Today's subversive kids may yet revive Circus Maximus. Mother Theressa I am not, but neither do I dig the Tarantino tent.

Let's retreat to normal everyday chaos: Onto Showbiz David's Shock Therapy Division: My pointed posting about Circus World Museum's travails and troubles brought out the edge in otherwise gingerly Doc Bob Dewel, protectorate general of all things Baraboobian (Sorry, doc, I just couldn't resist quoting John Ringling's snide contortion of your town's name). Those CWM remarks of mine, diagnosed by Baraboo's cheerleader-in-chief, amounted to a "broadside." Something "a little more constructive and less denigrating would have been welcomed."

Boy, am I glad I'm not up for a root canal from dapper Doc Bob.

'Twas a bleak set of hard cold facts only recently discovered by yours truly that drove my terse thesis: not even 10 paying customers a day during the off seasons; Only six or seven hundred visitors a day during the summer months. A museum that lost its accreditation. Exhibits needing text revisions. I could go on.

Something about Bob's ruffled persona brings a laugh to my mug. Blame it on his good discrete humor: "Now really on my 91st year, and hating it."

Heck, how many bridges have I broken? If I attempt another circus book, will any museum out there lend-sell me photos? (Note to myself: leave the outfit in Peru and that library in San Antonia ALONE -- end of note to myself)

It's nearly 10 PM here, and NBC has still not brought out men's figures. Jay Leno may appear before they do. I'm not waiting. Need my rest for another brooding early morning walk through the misty moors of Oakland's Rose Garden. Thick delicious fog! So atmospheric, and I get to wear my winter cap and gloves.

Showbiz David Tanbark Therapy/No-Blood Talent Agency is now closed -- under Doctor's orders.

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