Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Morning Midway: Atlanta Police Chase Runaway Ringling Zebra up Freeway; Sean Penn Loses "Water for Elephants" Role to Christoph Waltz

Possibly defecting, maybe tired of show business or under secret contract to PETA, A Ringling Bros. Circus zebra named Lima, ostensibly limbering up for a night show in Atlanta, got "spooked," ran into a fence and through it in full-mode escape gallop, spooking out local pedestrians and motorists (those not lost in cell phonery) during rush hour! ... Police in hot pursuit, the chase lasting 40 minutes, over city streets, onto interstate 75, cutting through city center. Give this zebra credit for proper product placement -- assuming Lima was wearing a prominent Ringling insignia. Law enforcement in hot pursuit, blocking off southbound lanes.

Not Amused in Atlanta: "All of a sudden a freaking zebra comes running down the street like a car," recounted Daniel Nance to the Atlanta Constitution. "But then I got scared, thinking ... what else is loose?" Oh, let me leave that alone. Lima gradually coaxed off a freeway entrance ramp, into the arms of his trainer. Over the weekend, Lima was reported to be resting and under the care of University of Georgia Veterinary school staff for wounds to his legs suffered during his dangerous bolt outside -- or would that be inside? -- captivity. PETA soon after in hot pursuit of media attention to protest Ringling treatment of zebras.

Waltz for the Elphants. Now in pre-production, the movie Water for Elephants, earlier said to be in hot pursuit of Sean Penn to play a mad wild animal trainer, reported to have dumped him (assuming he was ever picked up) for Christoph Waltz, fresh from Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds ... Heck, maybe Lima was auditioning to nab a cameo.

Kelly-Miller respects its clowns: Last season, fraught with mixed feelings, to put it politely, Stephen Copeland and Ryan Combs pitched coloring books and signed autographs during intermission. Last season is history. On their reactivated blog a week or so ago (you can reach it here to your right), Stephan shared "good news." No more pitches, he reported, "and we don't have to sign coloring books during Intermission." I am very happy for these apparently dedicated jesters. Respect well earned. An artistic trend in the right direction for John Ringling North II and James Royal, busily at work on the show as it breaks in down there in the Texas (no, I WON'T say it) terracotta ... And may all your days be asphalt days. How do I say this, K-M? I just don't get it.


Margaret said...

....Have you seen the latest news David.? Ringling is suing the HSUS....

Showbiz David said...

Margaret, I just discovered it this morning on YOUR blog, and intend to cover it soon. Thanks!