Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Morning Midway: Felds Sue U.S. Humane Society Under RICO Laws, Alleging $ Laundering and Hiring Paid Witness to Lie; The War Goes On ...

Oh me oh my, sigh, isn't this fun, imagining the exposure of crooked animal rights groups getting their due. And so legally complicated, but let me give it a little grasping attention. What I learned in reading through a long posting on Margaret's Circus Anonymous blog about a Feld Lawsuit against HSUS, recently discovered by David Martosko, Director of Research at the Center for Consumer Freedom, is that the circus is fighting back for damages arising out of false testimony, among other spitefully motivated acts pulled against it by a number of animal rights groups, and it may have a good shot at victory.

Named in the suit, among others, are Born Free USA and ASPCA, all of whom have relentlessly bashed the circus for alleged acts of animal cruelty. One insider is quoted as believing that the only reason they [Ringling] were mired in nine years of ligation (a judge recently ruled in the circus's favor), was because of these various groups and their lawyers committing crimes "to game the system." If they are found guilty of a conscious conspiracy, that rises to a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) offense.

Among the salient points addressed on Margaret's in-depth posting, the result of a telephone call she made to Martokso: "HSUS is just PETA with a nicer wristwatch and fewer naked interns."

It's expected that HSUS, in retaliation for the Felds daring to sue it, will "turn their high-priced, hired gun lawyers on the plaintiffs. It could be a really bloody battle."

To reach Circus Anonymous, you'll find my link to your right. A very informative piece.

And, super sigh, just today, forty-year-old Dawn Brancheau at Sea World in Florida who works with killer whales was herself killed by one while a stunned audience watched in horror. I could cry.

I gotta go somewhere else, people. Back to figure skating, maybe, or to a bloody good game of curling, whatever that is ...


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Under no circumstances should orcas be kept in captivity. Any suicidal idiot that tries to "train" one might as well try to train a Great White Shark.

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