Baraboo on Parade!

Baraboo on Parade!
Down Fourth Street on Saurday, the fifth annual circus celebration and big top parade. Photo by Todd Krysiak, Baraboo News Republic

Friday, April 14, 2017

Celebrate World Circus Day! - $10 Opening Day Tickets to Big Top Typewriter! ...

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4/20: ... LATE ...  BREAKING ... FROM ... ABROAD! ...

Blasting through with colossal kudos
from Blasting News: 

 "Compelling ... 
Behind the scenes look at the workings of the circus industry and the author’s encounters with its stars and showmen ...  
A thrilling roller coaster ride through his career as a writer. I was cheering him on all the way through this breezy page-turner of a book."

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Step right up to Showbiz David's new tendentiously tickling tanbark triumph, Big Top Typewriter!

"Eye-opening! ... Amusing! ... Anything but your staid story of  circus, " says the Midwest Book Review!  
"Here's a book with glue on the cover...
I couldn't put it down!"
- Douglas McPherson, Circus Mania

Go beyond the banner lines with your very own copy of Big Top Typewriter! (sorry, peanuts not included)


Jim Royal said...

This from a man who is opposed to peanut

Showbiz David said...


Given the devastating season we have just lived through, I feel like Jimmy Stewart in a movie remake to be called, It’s A Wonderful Circus, coming back on the lot full of remorse and repentance – “What happened, Clarence, where's the billowing big top? The roustabouts and elephants and clowns? Please, bring back the circus I remember -- the candy butchers and all the messy thrills! I am a born-again fan! I promise not to bash peanut pitches anymore! I’ll stand up and cheer the barker’s spiel! And this time, I’ll buy! Yes, I'll buy!

Kathy said...

I love it David.......

Harry Kingston said...

Just got in David's new book and it is a 3 ring 4 stage big top production.
His interviews from many circus greats, John Ringling North in his red coat and the modern day James A Bailey, Art Concello are worth the price of the book alone.
Yes, great days of the tented circus I wish they were back but what would the nut be with costs the way they are now.
What it would cost to feed 1500 folks and move on rails that take forever to get from town to another.
Well I got to see some of it the way it was and many fond memories to carry with me the rest of my life.
Great writing David.
Harry in Texas