Wednesday, August 03, 2016

On Big Apple Circus: I Am Very Depressed

UPDATE, 7/29/16: Carson and Barnes  now shows future 2016 dates on its Facebook page.

I have little will to say much at this point, considering how devastating a season we are living through.   I would like to lay down and cry.

No Cole Bros.

For an ominous spell, Carson & Barnes, after half a season, went on a break.  And then came a terse announcement on their website, still posted, "No upcoming events." I tried calling the number and got no where.

And Big Apple.  They aren't going to play Lincoln Center, and that seems final.  But that alone does not bother me so much -- as long as they play somewhere.  Surely, Paul, you can do that, can't you?

I am feeling very sorry for all circus owners and producers, so here is this, from earlier in the season of 2016.



Harry Kingston said...

Sure sorry to see a few shows close.
Carson and Barnes will be back out in august till before election time.
Summer is not kind to many shows as like here it is 97 plus 100% humidity and who wants to set in a hot tent.
Garden Bros is off for a few but coming out this Fall.
Garden played here at an airconditioned building and packed them in and made the nut at the 4;30 show.
They have a real good performance and all were pleased with it.
Also they are very circus fan friendly and Zack Garden is the best to us and his employees were great to.
Sure hope Cole Bros will return one day as this fan really misses it, under the big
Lets hope the future will be better for our circuses.
Harry in Texas

Showbiz David said...

Well, Harry, let's pray you are right. NO dates on their website.

I refuse to think that Big Apple is completely gone. They can do without Lincoln Center. They can pitch the tent in other places, like Battery Park, with a smaller band and still produce a stellar program. They need Paul as never before, if he is willing to cut back.

As for Johnny Pugh, thank god he apparently did not give up his great title. Another day for him, too?

You make a GREAT point about the heat. Who in their right mind would go under a circus tent in such heat!!!

Harry Kingston said...

You need to check Carson and Barnes facebook page.
I am not on facebook but you can take a look as they have the starting date in Hope, Ark and a few more.
They never put more than 2 weeks route on when they get started.
I still hope there is hope for Cole Bros.
I was told Dick Garden owns the King Cole title and they played 5 days.
What was a shame to me as there was a video of them coming out of winter quarters and the Cole Bros was painted out on many trucks but they left the large Circus on the trailers.
Johnny Pugh, told me that he is 78 and cannot keep going on forever and the show was for sale, but he wants his legacy to go on and so do us fans.
I have always enjoyed seeing Johnny's circus and enjoyed visiting with him and getting to take him out to eat.
His jackpots are just priceless and what he has been though the years is very interesting.
I am hoping for the best for them and time will tell.
Harry in Texas

Showbiz David said...

Good news, Harry.

You are right. I saw it on Facebook.

But the website still says "no upcoming events" which is what I went with.

And I refuse to think that Big Apple Circus is history.

Anonymous said...

On the facebook page for Elvin Bale: "Globe of Death For Sale."