Thursday, July 14, 2016

Big Apple Circus to End Performances

I CAN'T take any more bad news after this.

From Big Apple Circus, via Don Covington:

"To every person who donated, who shared our campaign on social media, who posted their personal stories about BIG APPLE CIRCUS in blogs and on websites, and who sent us their best wishes as we managed the campaign: THANKS!
We did not reach our total goal of $2 million, and cannot commit to producing a new show in 2016-2017. But your support is being invested in delivery of Clown Care®, which will bring joy and laughter to 250,000+ hospitalized children in the year immediately ahead.
"This is an opportunity for Big Apple Circus to refocus its energy and talent on our programs that uplift the spirits and enhance the lives of children in hospitals, senior citizens in nursing homes, and others who can benefit from our unique services. Clown Care® works with 16 leading pediatric facilities across the United States and with your support can serve 250,000+ children in 2016-2017. These programs are an essential part of our mission. We believe we can keep the spirit of the Big Apple Circus alive through our Community Programs."
- Executive Director Will Maitland Weiss"

Yes, there is mud on my face for the post below, and I will have to take it.  I only hope that
Paul Binder and Big Apple can downsize and find a more economically viable way of keeping the show on the road.  They don't have to go to Lincoln Center.  There are many places where they can go.  

A sad sad day for circus in America. 


Anonymous said...

Someone may need to write a song about 2016, the year the circus in America died. No Cole Bros., no elephants on Ringling, no Big Apple and no future schedule on Carson and Barnes. How sad for those few of us who still cared. Evidently there are just not enough fans still alive to support even the cut down shows we've had this century. I still remember the real Kelly Miller in the late 1950's with elephants galore, plus cat acts and everything else that's a real circus. It played my hometown in Kentucky even though our population was only 7000, yet we filled the tent that night. Then I remember the great Gunther years on Ringling. What a show person. I may have an extra libation tonight as I grieve for what we have lost just this year.

Showbiz David said...

Yes, well said. Carson & Barnes, suddenly gone too?

I share your sorrow, almost beyond words, trust me.