Friday, May 01, 2015

Touring World Circus Festivals through the Pages of Planet Circus


As before, my eyes are opened to a world of dazzling innovation out there, most of it born beyond the borders of my own country.

As before, I marvel at the extraordinary feats of young circus artists in far off places, and take joyful comfort in a sure knowledge that circus is still very much alive. Vibrantly. Daringly. Thrillingly.

As before, I need only turn the pages of Planet Circus to behold the brilliant manifestations of it all, alive and brimming in rings of magic from Paris to Moscow, Spain to North Korea. And, yes, in these apolitical visions that fearlessly cross all borders, I take hope in the universal language of circus to help liberate tyranny and oppression.  I take pride in the people who inhabit this great embracing world.

Over There, circus festivals are taken seriously.  They draw gifted young acrobats and flyers to the spangled parade.  Inspire them to try harder, dig deeper into their imaginations, practice and invent, perfect and compete -- and reach for the stars.

Over There, they are at it, still, inventing new twists and turns and tricks in a quest to top each other and to stop the show.  And that is why the world returns.

Over There, in older worlds where it all began, younger minds and hearts find constantly surprising ways, season after season, to renew what Ernest Hemingway called "the ageless delight.".

Ageless, indeed.  Over Here, we await their latest exploits to fly our way.  We await them in our seats at Ringling and Big Apple, Kelly-Miller and Cole.  

Thank you, Planet Circus.

Thank you, Over There, for keeping our dreams alive Over Here. 

All photos from Planet Circus magazine, Festival Edition, 2015:

From the top:

Clay juggler Jimmy Gonzalez -- Gold Medal, Circus of Tomorrow, Paris

Pyongyang National Troupe -- Gold Clown, Monte Carlo; Golden Bear, Festival of Circus Art in Izhevsk, Russia

The Tianjin Acrobatic Troupe -- Silver Clown, Monte Carlo; Golden Bear, Festival of Circus Art

Gartner Family elephants --Silver Bear, Festival of Circus Art

Elakterina and Dimitry, straps -- Silver Elephant, International Circus Festival of Figures, Spain

Maxim Helmut on the Spanish Web -- Silver Karl, Riga , Russia

The Yunan Troupe -- Silver Elephant, International Circus Festival

Sons Company on teeterboard --  Gold Medal, Circus of Tomorrow

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