Monday, May 25, 2015

The Huffington Post Hails Hopelessly Hollywood

From The Huffington Post

“A genuine Tinsel Town tragedy ... Lewis is a prose stylist with a voice that sizzles on the page ... If you’ve ever dared to dream, you’ll be with him all the way. "

 From Kirkus Reviews
"The dreamy Hollywood magic of it all ... An entertaining, insightful, and tragic memoir about trying to make it in show business."

Journey into the shadows of Tinsel Town, where little people with big dreams appear on small stages every night in plays and musicals, desperate to grab the eye of a producer, an agent, a talent scout, desperate for the Big Break.  Journey into it all with Broadway dreamers David and Mike, the two believing  that their musical about the Ringling Brothers is ready to be discovered. But soon cured of their heady illusions, the City of Angels sends each down a separate road.  David writes a new version of his musical with a different composer, and the show, Those Ringlings, achieves fleeting overnight success, for a moment in time headed for Broadway.  Here is another Hollywood laid bare, its humbling realities evoked with amusing candor. 

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