Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Big Top Bits: Feld, the Circus Ambassador! ... Goodbye, House of Ringling ... Monte Carlo: Have You Heard of "Television"

Google the Great and Disney the Greater: They’re now a digital duo, yes they are, producing an “interactive circus” to ballyhoo the soon-to-be-released Oz the Great and Powerful.  The promo said to harbinger in “the future of web marketing to come.”  I just can’t wait, now that I shut down my computer half the day,  and now that I’m surfing far fewer channels on TV.  What a relief it is, not to be a prisoner to a PC hum tempting me to check e-mail that isn't there.  Out, damn chips!
Ah, he’s just a warm and fuzzy Feld after all!  Twould be Kenneth Feld, who for years was unfavorably compared to his dad, Irvin, touted by Irvinite acolytes as being more just plain hopelessly (read: correctly) in love with the circus.  Maybe it’s something about Sarasota soil, where Mr. Feld now hangs out, since moving his CEO desk down there.  This Feld of Felds – phasing into his Bill Gates period? —  was just named “circus ambassador”  by the royal Rainer crowd in Monaco. 

Good Bye, House of Ringling.  Season Seven was a season to look for — 7 in Ringling lore usually spells historic, if not hysteric changes.  But for John Ringling North II, now facing season seven as owner of Kelly Miller Circus, it looks like a no-show.  Or a garage sale. Or maybe just another same-old same-old Kelly Miller line up from the Hugo cast of cherry pie** regulars. Sure, if the new stunts they are up to spell refreshing novelty, then good for them.  I sorta doubt that ...I’m closing the door on the ‘House of Ringling,” saying a reluctant "Hello" to the Cherry Pie Circus Repertory Company of JRN II. [oh, drats, I may have ruined the annual package from Ireland that Johnny Come Lately sends me — those peanuts sure did taste good] At heart, am I just a no-good-for-nothing tent wrecker? [it’s okay to laugh]

JRN II, Part II:  Even clowns Copeland and Ryan are now wearing cherry pie on their faces, during intermissions, seated at a colorful table, selling and signing coloring books.  They, too, who earlier hated such demeaning duties, as well they should (sorry, CFAers)  have apparently signed on — part of their pay package, I  daringly assume before your eyes. Anybody still there?. 
The Anonymous Monte Carlo Circus Festival.  Not only does this annual Academy Awards of the circus world not get any U.S. TV respect (not even a PBS nod), it gets no respect from the stolid BBC! Notes Brit author Douglas McPherson, addressing two topics in one, “Interesting to see what's going on with Cirque du Soleil. I suppose nothing can stay the must-see thing forever. Tragic, too, that Monaco has never been broadcast by the BBC, either.” And that's a shocker.  Or it should be to the land that invented circus.  I have some feelers out to those who might venture savvy guesses why. 

And that’s an anonymous wrap from the Federation de Oakland, Prince David -I reporting..

[** "cherry pie" in circus parlance refers to a performer doing any number of jobs in addition to his or her actual performance during the show, such as, but not limited to, driving a truck, helping to raise the tent, setting props, selling tickets, selling concessions, selling and signing coloring books during intermission.  This is a long accepted (or tolerated) tradition under American big tops, for which the compliant party is usually, though not always, additionally compensated.]

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