Friday, October 12, 2012

Raves Around the World Continue Rolling In for Showbiz David's New Book


Big Top to Classroom -- England to New England -- Germany to Jersey --  The raves keep coming for David Lewis Hammarstrom's penetrating look into the circus as it is today -- and what it might become tomorrow!       (*new reviews, just in)

The book's World Premiere at the Silent Auction during the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival in Monaco last January

*  "Fascinating! ... Something we need in these changing times more than anything else."
          -- PLANET CIRCUS, Germany

 "Step right up for a visit to the American Circus - there could be no finer guide than David Lewis Hammarstrom ... His passion for sawdust and spangles bubbles from every line but - a rarity among circus writers - he's as quick to point out the rubbish and rip-offs as the wonderful" 
          -- THE STAGE, London

  "I eagerly read this book - as a circus arts performer and instructor I found it entertaining, and as an academic educator I found it very useful. This book strikes a fun balance between history and gossip, critical guide and personal insights into the diversity that is the world of the modern circus show." 
          -- ELSIE SMITH 
             ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, 

 "Bold and ambitious ... Timely and provocative ... It is difficult to disagree with most of his views." 
          -- CIRCUS REPORT, USA 

"A thought-provoking book ... how circus, particularly American circus, has changed and developed over the past 50 to 60 years, this book is packed with information and opinion."
          -- KING POLE, UK

"Roll up, while you still can, to the greatest show on earth! 'fresh, alive, magical and compelling.'  Along with the author of this fine volune, I urge you to buy tickets for the world of sawdust and spangles before it's too late and circuses go the way of steam trains."
          -- THE DAILY MAIL, London 

"Once in the audience, how can viewers evaluate what they see? ... A concise guide ... Hammarstrom's memories are vivid, and his enthusiasm is infectious" 
          -- CHOICE

"A good show! ... This engaging study functions as a sort of everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-the-circus-business-today-but-were-too-mildly-nostalgic-to-ask."
          -- SPECTACLE, USA

"His appraisals of changing circus trends under American big top apply to the world circus scene absolutely."
           -- CIRCUS ARCHIVE,  Germany

Dare you deny yourself a copy of the big top's new bible? 

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