Monday, October 01, 2012

How is everybody out there doing?

Somebody on a jazz station here is singing one of my favorite songs, "Laura."

Then, to a Netflix offering -- Hollywood in the 1930s.

Lots of work rewriting a musical, the composer based in NY.  Lyrics are my favorite form of writing.  The challenge you set for yourself, using a dummie melody of your own (the composer won't hear it, but only see the finished lyric) to help you set sail on words words words. Some kept in, many tossed.

One of the songs we did, "Let Go" was written to a Santana melody.  Composer was not told.  He caught the latin spirit, and it soars.

Have a good evening, drive to the next lot, walk to the post office or store, visit with friends.

Feels like the circus just left town.

At the Sonoma County fairgrounds, when I go up there, sometimes to write, now that I once again have the whole place to myself , I sit at a table under a chorus of eucalyptus trees overlooking a large grassy area where once the Clyde Beatty Circus came to Santa Rosa, and I was lured into the punk gang.

Days long ago.  Under shady trees, hosting sawdust memories and Broadway dreams...

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