Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Broadwayland, Desperate for Tony Nominees, May Feign Respect for Critically Dismissed " Spiderman" ...New Tuners Fizzling Fast.

The land of blockbusters and blockbuster flops said to be hurting for viable new musicals, needed to bolster upcoming Tony nominations for the Best This and the Best That. They might have to invent a new category -- Best Salvaged Turkey. Best Script Doctor. Best Resuscitation Director.

Experts speculating that Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the aerial intense tuner that was endlessly in previews until its book was gutted for a rewrite, its hazardous aerial segments made safer and blander -- yes, THAT musical may actually snag a few Tony nominations.

Show is doing decent business, slipping south a bit in recent frames. Operating costs are so huge, experts earlier predicted it would take until, well, let's say Armageddon, to turn a profit on this turnaround turkey.

Season so far not too hot. New shows slated for Gotham premieres either flopped out or nixed hitting the Big Boards. Money a problem in some quarters, talented materials in others.

So many classic hits lined up on Revival Row, among them, Evita, that producers of a planned return for Funny Girl decided against taking their chances this season.

Another problem is limited stage space, thanks partly to the long-running shows that keep real estate at a premium. Some producers hoping for the demise of new shows struggling to stay alive. When one hits the dust, there's another waiting to open and test the market.


klsdad said...

Speaking of Broadway...
Hello from Broadway!!

Last week saw FOLLIES. Elaine Paige.. and Bernadette Peters at the Marriott Marquis. For starters, do NOT approve of the production covering the entire interior of the quite handsome auditorium in a dark gray material with strands of yellow electrical cord and bulbs hanging about.. with construction noises in the background.. ala CATS! OK.. OK.. We know the story. For me..keep it in that sacred procenium-ruled line of fantasy. Paige sang the HELL out of "I'm Still Here!!").. and Bernadette (not a fan here) almost delighted me (with my vision of her)..>> "Or... am I losing my mind???????!!" Many other superb voices... but the show still doesn't "grab" me.

BUT THEN..two nights ago.. entered the Broadhurst Theater (side mezzanine.. $98 + TeleCharge fees.. and $2.50 "will call" fee.. hoping for a HIT!!
And.. IT IS ONE!!
I had the pleasure of hearing.. and watching Hugh Jackman enjoy performing his "Back To Broadway".. show!!
What an entertainer!! (He's in the middle of Opening Night as I'm writing this.. and can't wait to see the reviews!!) What a personable.. TALENTED MAN!! The 2 hours flew bye... with his "Broadway" voice thrilling everyone. Yes.. he covers a lot of music.. from his tribute to the musicals he watched as a kid on TV on Saturdays.. after coming home bloddied after rugby practice...!! - to an after-intermission segment AS Peter Allen.. in gold shoes, trousers.. and spangled shirt. He uses films very nicely.. especially excerpts from his films.. and in closing.. as a beautiful tribute to his homeland.. Australia.
He closes with Peter Allen's devastating "Once before I go".
More soon. Must get over to see Grandma at the Big Apple Circus.. and the Radio City Christmas Show.. (now that Zarkana has thankfully exited the premises!!) I wonder how they fared..
All the best.. to ALL!!

Showbiz David said...


Thanks much. I was hungering to see one of my favorite musicals, the great FOLLIES, but like you, Bernadette Peters does not thrill me (I find her so cold and controlled), and other of your comments temper my zeal. The Score is possibly Sondheim's greatest.

I thought Jackman was excellent in the Brit version of Oklahoma.

There is also Anything Goes, and many more revivals bound for the Big Boards in your your Tony burg. I envy you!!!!