Thursday, November 03, 2011

3-Minute Midway: Proposed Bill to Ban Circus Animals Getting Some Traction?

If a proposed legislative ban on lions, tigers, and elephants from circuses, proposed by House Democrat Rep. Jams. P Moran of Virginia, ever becomes law, look for a rush on dogs, horse drills and performing porcupines of the breed currently stealing the show under the Big Apple big top.

“While the 12-person super-committee holds closed-door discussions, the work of the remaining 523 members [of the] U.S. Congress should not grind to a halt,” Mr. Moran told The Washington Times on Tuesday, believing that the "mistreatment of exotic animals in traveling circuses deserves attention."

According to Animal Defncers International (ADI, a new one to me), the use of circus animals is banned in 34 cities in 17 states.

I wonder if this issue will end up either before the Supremes, in another "super-committee," or on Judge Judy?

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