Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday Morning with Krisnamurti: A Living Spirit Fluidly Impermanent

"The search for permanency is the ever-lasting cry of self fulfillment; but the self can never fulfill, the self is impermanent, and that in which it fulfills must also be impermanent. Self-continuity is decay; in it there is no transforming element nor the breadth of the new. The self must end for the new to be. The self is the idea, the pattern, the bundle of memories; and each fulfillment is the further continuity of idea, of experience. Experience is always conditioning; the experiencer is ever separating and differentiating himself from experience. So there must be freedom from experience, from the desire to experience. Fulfillment is the way of covering up inward poverty, emptiness, and in fulfillment there is sorrow and pain."

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