Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A Free Visual Feast from Magnificent Monte Carlo

Want to sample world-class cutting edge circus action? I've just added the Monte Carlo Festival's website under my circus blogs listing to your right. It's in French, but so what -- the visuals are universal. (See Jack Ryan's comment -- how to bring it up in English.)

Deeeeeeeelicious! If only I flew more. This looks to me like big top heaven. I envy those who attend the annual event. Maybe the greatest show on earth has moved across the great ocean.

Thank you, Princess Stephanie! You remind me of why I am a life-long circus fan.

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Jack Ryan said...


I just learned this about the Monte Carlo Festival web site. On the opening page, there's a small flag on the upper right part of your screen. Click on this and you will be given a choice of languages including English.