Wednesday, January 26, 2011

At Monte Carlo, Gold & Silver to Bello's Antics, Flavio's Elephants, Chinese and Russian Acrobats & Aerialists ...

Gold Clown champs at Monte Carlo: Flavio Togni and Bello Nock

The information that trickles out of Monte Carlo can be so infuriatingly fragmented and randomly arranged. Even a look at their official Monte Carlo website appears not to offer a simple list of the artists by category (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and country. Might this misty vagueness be a "French thing"?

Gold Clowns:

Clown and general acrobat Bello Nock (U.S.)
Italian animal man Flavio Togni (Italy)

Silver Clowns:

"Pagoda Light" performed by a Chinese Troupe taking the Silver Clown

Dalian Acrobatic Troupe (Chinese)
Flag Circus Acrobatic Troupe (likely from China)
Valerie Inertie (Canada)
White Birds aerial ballet (Russia)

Silver for the lady in silver: Canadian Valerie Inertie

I continue to believe that Monte Carlo Central should hire a simple soul to focus in on handing out basic information. I had to scramble all over the place to piece together this post.

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Anonymous said...

Interest waned long ago in regards to the Monte Carlo Circus. Given the interest of late, it seems to have disappeared all together. The sites are most likely run by helpful fans.