Thursday, October 28, 2010

Morning Midway: Recovering Animal Trainer to Wed Gaily in the Big Cage ...

They're hailing it "My Grrreat Big Tiger Wedding."

Titanium tiger man Christian Walliser, back from a month-long coma caused by an attack of his Bengal tigers, is about to be signed, sealed and caged when he and gay partner Jan Birk exchange vows before a local registrar on December 8. Registrar agreed to "join the couple in the tiger cage" just before circus show begins.

What precipitated the tragic encounter was the 28-year-old trainer's tripping during a performance, rendering him ready meat to his charges. Sent to the hospital, bone fragments were removed from Walliser's brain. Titanium plates rebuilt one of his hips.

About the formalities, for you of proper tradition who doddle over details: "Best man" will be one of the cats who nearly mauled Groom Number One to death. Three of the guilty others will serve as "witnesses." And let's hope none will growl "No!" when the preacher asks, "If any among you know why these two should not be wed ..."

"I've never held a grudge. I fell and they seized the chance," said Walliser to the German Herald.

Now there's an animal trainer with a Big Understanding Heart.

Welcome back to captivity, Christian!

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