Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday Morning from China: Otherscapes

The gold fish of Beijing

In the world's largest city, Shanghai: to your right, old town; to your left across the river, new

Country walk to Boyi's village in Taishan

Boyi was raised in the charcoal brick house, second one up the path

"Downtown" (or maybe "uptown") two or three miles from Boyi's village (a village being about ten or twelve houses and the farmland worked by the familys).

Shades of neglect beneath the bridge

Figure in red, out a rainy window on a bus ride back

High riders of Taishan

Along a freeway enroute to Hong Kong

A Hong Kong bridge.

This tall and modern and chrome city felt so far away. So anonymous. So alien. So many skyrise apartment buildings stacked so close together, the place felt so hopelessly lonely. Especially a night. Beijing operates it as a separate country, thus you leave one, via passport examination, to enter the other. From the little we saw of Hong Kong (only there overnight for a flight back to the states), and perhaps unfairly, I felt scarce desire to return. It's the real China I miss.

Near Forbidden City

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Splendid photos, David!