Thursday, September 23, 2010

Showbiz David Goes Video! -- Not? Rolla Bolla From China's Flying Acrobats Show in Beijing, 2010 ...

Update: No, answering my own question down there, it can't be this easy. No luck trying to load other videos I have. One came up overly cropped beyond running. And besides, the picture quality is very fuzzy.

Very short video shot from my canon,and yes, not pro, but it was a test, and I'm too excited to hold it back, because ...

Could it really be this easy? Dabbling this evening, wondering if I could show some videos of Chinese acts Boyi and I saw last April, first I went to You Tube, thinking that would be the only way. But way too complicated and confusing.

And then, right here in my own blogger backyard -- the tools were there all the time!

Here's a clip of a great act, in my opinion, seen at the Flying Acrobats Show. You'll see more and somewhat better clips when I load them up ahead, one with great music composed by one of China's most famous modern pop composers. A new type of circus is opening up over there.

Can techno life really be this easy?

Enjoy this crude quickie premiere!

Here are two stills of the footage I was hoping to load:


Harry Kingston said...

Ok you have teased us now so CB show us some more video's.

Showbiz David said...

This may turn out to have been a bogus ballyhoo, Harry. I'm trying to get a longer clip up, showing this double decker rolla bolla thrill. No luck so far. Maybe the google software is weak. Long to load, and then only a few seconds appear. And color reception is awful!
Will try later. enjoy the tease out there in the dark.