Friday, June 11, 2010

The Morning Midway: Sabu Trumpets Freely Into Another Pond ... Splashy Biz Fills the Big Top ...

Covington connected, I read that Circus Knie's errant elephant Sabu, developing a sure reputation for running off to her own beat and finding water in which to merrily splash, is at it again. First it was Lake Zurick on June 6 for a mighty mammoth swim. Garnered global headlines. Now the 26-year-old big trunk "staged a second getaway," as reported by no less than Bloomberg News, this time taking a dainty dip into a stream.

So, how did Sabu manage to "escape," or did she? Had she, in fact, been assisted by cunning press agents hungry to grab free media attention and prove their mettle? Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes flaunted a snapshot of the prima pachyderm lumbering back to the show, surrounded by her entourage of wary handlers, probably giggling inside over the incident.

Business? Opening show in Basel was sold out a day before the opening. All eyes are now on one elephant.

If this bull-headed behemoth can make the escape act a permanent part of her repertoire, she could be the toast of Madison Square Garden, assuming the Felds can lure her into a stateside contract. Complete with built-in rest and relaxation at a pond in Central Park.

Perrier for Sabu.

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