Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Morning Midway: Return of the Circus Courier -- Ringling is Coming At You!

Just in my dying mailbox, a gigantic glossy fold-out flyer bearing the imposing words:



I haven't been dazzled by anything this visually circus-captivating in how many years, if ever?

Feld Entertainment is certainly taking an older bolder kind of marketing campaign.

Brilliant design. Outstanding textual clarity, kept to a minimum.


Unfolded, my 12" wide invitation stands 22" tall and just might make a visit to my wall. Colors: Radiant Ringling Red, Baby Barnum Blue, and Florida sunshine yellow.

The concept reminds me of what they were doing, on a much much smaller scale, during the last years of the John Ringling North era.


Oh wait, it's addressed to me with a preferred customer code. Possibly because of a previous on-line ticket purchase. 10 weeks in advance.

Eat your hearts out, all of you non-preferred losers.

Gosh, I feel like funundrumming already!

(p.s. oh, why did I have to read deeper. Circus celebrity seat holders will "perform in the show!" Big gigantic wistful sigh, over and out. Does that mean, if I buy the ten dollar ticket, I can bring my own hula hoop?)

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Amy Shmamy said...

As I am sure you have seen in some of Ringling's last few shows, the Circus Celebs don't do much. I can't exactly remember what they did during 139th edition. During 138th, Over the Top, the Circus Celebs left their seats and got into these truck like seats? Anyways, they took a quick trip around the ring and went back to their seats.
Amy Scott