Friday, February 01, 2008

EARS OVER HUGO ... Sage Streaming Live ... "Big Top Brothern" in Emergency Session at Drive In ...

Showbiz David, can you hear me down there?
Down here. Yes, Sage, where are you?
I'm currently in a secret position, hiding out on the rooftop of the sonic in, and old drive-in.. 
You're kidding?
Look, Dave, tent times are tense. Down there behind a scrim around a dining table, the big top brethren are holding an emergency summit.
Look, guy, you wanted real reporting in real time, right?
who are the big top brethren?
You don't know? The inner circle, dude, bosses and fans with tight connections. A secret society, I think. 
Then you are in Hugo?
I helicoptered in.  My friend Shishi's cousin runs a housewives detective service.
Okay, Sage, what's the meeting about?
Look, Dave, Carson & Barnes are trouping into the heart of darkness and danger next summer, where even Ringling fears to tread.  I want to offer protective services.
You're talking San Francisco?
Yeah, guy, the big top brethren are here to discuss national strategy to take back the American circus... I've got the grit to take on san francisco.
You are on a roof?
I've got some pipes and wire, I'm trying to boor through to give you a live stream of their meeting
(siren sound)
Oh, jez, is that the fuzz?  Hey Shishi down there!!! Can you hear me?  where's the ladder?   If that's the cops, SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO! LAY ON THE CHARM, BABE!  ANYTHING TO KEEP THEM OFF MY A.....
[static sounds amidst siren, phone disconnects]

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