Saturday, February 02, 2008

Birth of New Game in San Francisco ... Showbiz David's BigTopolis Premieres at Leland Tea Company

A Night to Remember

Last thursday evening at Leland Tea Company on Bush Street during game night, friend Doug (seen here, left) and guest player Darien joined me for the very first play of my new game, BigTopolis -- battle of the big tops. Some historic firsts:

First to roll: myself. The dice added up to a ten, and that directed me to Clown Alley, out of which, by the draw or a Fortune card, I was convicted of selling moldy hot dogs on the midway, had to report to court and pay a $100 fine.

First city to be licensed by a circus owner: El Paso.

First railroad passage booked: San Francisco to Portland on the Southern Pacific.

First to loose at my own game: Myself!

First to win: A draw was declared between Darien and Doug. Just as Leland Tea was about to close, Darien, virtually bankrupt, was on the verge of a dramatic comeback. He had only one date left, in New Orleans, but several star acts in his show which boosted greatly his ticket prices. So Doug, by virtue of landing there, suddenly owed Darien a huge amount of money. The game could have gone either way.

Yes, Thanks to Will, Ryan and Curtis at Leland Tea Company, to Doug and to Darien, indeed, for a night to remember!

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