Friday, November 30, 2007

Cirque du Suicide? ... Reviews are Tepid to Scathing ... Only Variety Likes

Has the Montreal monster fallen on its precious face? Cirque du Soleil's Wintuk just opened at the theatre in Madison Square Garden. Will New Yorkers who are not falling for a high-tech snow job close it down sooner than planned? Can the kiddies turn it into a critic-proof hit? Other than a positive nod (with telling reservations) from Variety, a blast of discontent, so far, from critics to consumers does not look promising for a New York conquest. Check this out:

From the New York Times today: "oddly downbeat and humorless."

From the New York Daily News: "...this is Cirque du So What."

From "In the great history of Cirque du Soleil, one hopes that Wintuk will be a short, unhappy chapter, soon forgotten."

The more reviews, both pro and consumer, that I come across, the more bleak it looks. Variety is either very savvy to a crowd pleaser not yet seen by others -- "Happily for all, it's a good one ... a big winner for all concerned" -- or way way off base on this one.

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