Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sunday Pause: Digitally Yours, At Last ... From Hectograph Machine to Kindle --- Now I know what an e-reader looks like!

Newer worlds forever rushing in and out,  and I always a year or more behind the last one, or the one before that one.  Are they still putting out iPhones?  

Of course, I know about Kindle and the various e-readers, especially in the last two years, when royalty statements for two books I have written --- Big Top Typewriter and Broadway Musicals: A Hundred Year History, show ebook sales at least equaling or slightly topping paper editions. Suddenly, I am taking note. 

Before that, e-sales were nothing compared to paper. So something has changed, and even me getting with it.

BearManor Media, who published my Inside the Changing Circus, offered me a contract to bring out Those Ringings: The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Musical, in Kindle.  And I jumped.

How many of you will jump? Only time will tell. So, may I sing to you --- be my jumping Jacks!  Simply type in quotation marks "Broadway Musicals" and Amazon will rush in to meet you.

For those of you still typing it out on your loyal royals: You do NOT have to buy one of those e-readers. Amazon takes care of you very easily. They will send you as they sent me up to a cloud.   You will be surprised! Maybe even floating. 

Well least until the next techno trauma hits.

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