Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Morning Fun

(Chromebook update, see below)

Seems that King-Cole Circus, a great forever new title, that can never get any farther than putting up tix sales, is back at it again.  Promising a three ring world of wonders beyond belief, offering even the world's largest elephant, and where might this mighty marvel come from, the Circus 1903 puppet shop?

A garden is in  charge, and we are talking garden with weeds and potholes, with banners that may reach a lot, only to draw a paltry crowd, disappoint mostly the show staff, and cause a few taken circus fans another good sad laugh.

On more profitable, it is all relative, right?, lots. Today is a major victory, it seems, when Big Apple Circus can just talk somebody in some town near Boston, where they used to play but no longer do, into letting them raise their tents.

Even then, PETA is making a stink over BAC animals not being properly certified.  When, I ask, will PETA gain constitutional authority to barge in at any time, into any ring, to determine if animals have been certified by these psychotics?  Poor Jenny, she may be fearing ending up before a mock sub-committee in 'DC to answer charges of undue stress to the dogs.

And I am typing this in e-mail on a new Chromebook, to see if I can actually send this post to my blog.

I hope to make opening day.  Then, I'll call off ticket sales, and hope that everybody (all three) does not go for a credit refund. That's money in my pocket, right?
Here's goes SEND!!

Update: Chromebook. to my horror, comes without a delete key!!!  And the reviews focusing on best laptops for writers do not even mention this.  What were they thinking?  I refuse to hold the Alt key down while I press the backspace key.  Would be like going cross-country via stagecoach. And so, I deleted my purchase back to Acer, started to order from Dell a Latitude laptop with top keyboard, but, knowing it would come with Windows 10, which I hate, I suffered pre-buyer's remorse somewhere between here and call center hell in India, and  I  found what looks like a good used Dell laptop with Windows 7, "certified" by Amazon, and went with it.

I am a happy retro shopper.    

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Ronald Finch said...

Pleas check out the Billy Martin Circus website for a nioe promo video. Billy and Angela have fiorst class show and are wise to tie intot he TV angle.