Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Circus on PBS: Big Tents - Big Dreams - Big Betrayal

I found the anthology gifted with much to enjoy and admire, but shockingly irresponsible in its narrow coverage, its eviscerations and aborted ending.

More about this in the future


Scott Manning said...

I'm still only halfway through the 2nd part, but I've enjoyed it for the most part. I love the animated maps they did for several routes. The tales of acquiring animals was quite horrifying. Also, it was a trip seeing all the familiar names/faces I've come to know in circus historical writings/archives--Dhalinger, Posey, Davis, Jando, Pfening.

I've seen others state that it ended abruptly or at least left a bad impression on the future of the future of RBBB after 1956. I should finish it up tonight and I'm looking forward to your take.

Showbiz David said...

Thanks for your sharing with us Scott.
Well, we are in solid agreement on the ending. I'll be taking this on when I do a review of sorts. There is much there to enjoy. I am going to watch it a second time over the weekend.