"Every crowd has a silver lining" - P. T. Barnum

"Every crowd has a silver lining" - P. T. Barnum
Wonderful quote, which I found on Johnny Pugh's Facebook Page -- a sparkling midway of some great Bill Carter photos, historic videos and mementos. The spirit of the old Cole soul comes alive!

Friday, July 07, 2017

A Sneak Peek at the Hugh Jackman Barnum Movie, Due Out in December

The new movie on Barnum's life, starring Hugh Jackman, is now offering a You Tube trailer.

I've watched it twice, and don't know exactly what to think.  Some first impressions:

Jackman cuts a dashing figure.

The settings look historically very authentic.  To me, the most promising sign.

Not so promising:  A predominant image of a ring filled with about as diverse a tribe of human characters as you will find anywhere, well, in  San Francisco.  The impression is more of a sideshow than a circus.  With this comes what may be the main theme in spoken words: We are all different.

Ah yes, different.  And just in time for the next diversity breakthrough revolution in America's self-creation mania.

An upbeat soulful song will no doubt appeal to younger ears.   My more mature ears found it generically engaging, although it struck me as being out of place in the period setting, as was the spectacle of an aerialist swooping down from above, looking more like Cirque du Disney than Barnum & Bailey.  

But then, this is to be a movie musical,  and based on what I saw ....  The VERDICT, Please!

I have no idea.

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